WishStart Is a Great Tool To Create Beautiful Wishlists

Create Your Wishlist: Add Wish By Pasting a Link

When you stumble on something interesting on the web, on the webstores like Amazon or eBay, for example, just grab the link from your browser, head over to WishStart, login with Facebook, click Add Wish and paste the link! Wait a few seconds and voila — here is your beatiful wish with title and picture! No hustle, no manual typing, no bs. Found something - copy link - paste it - wish is added!

Create Your Wishlist: Add Wish Manually

But of course not all the time we can just paste some link to what we want. To what we wish for. Maybe you don't know yet the exact thing you want or it's not even on the web. Like you just want a new dress or a nice vacation. No problem! Very soon we will add the manual adding of the wish: type in your title, description and upload image from your device. Look at your wishlist - it is beautiful!

There are 3 great advantages of WishStart to be your go-to place for making a wishlist:

  1. You can simply paste the links to what you want
  2. Design is neat and minimalistic. No extra crap that flashes around and disturbs you. A nice web tool to serve the simple goal: Create Wishlists.
  3. And the most important, the unique feature on the web so far: You can secretly book your friends' wishes and they can do the same with yours.

Christmas? New Year? Birthday? Head over to WishStart, make your wishlist, share with friends and wait for your gifts!

More than 10 0000 users already have created their wishlists since launch on December 1 2014 and the number is growing!


Get What You Really Want, but Keep the Magic of Surprise.

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